Event Info

Wed Sept 26

Time: 6:00pm
Location: 302 HUB

FREE Korean BBQ!

New Student Welcome Night is acts2fellowship's must-go event at UCR. It's an unforgettable night of music, videos, laughter, and an engaging talk. This event is sponsored by acts2fellowship, a Christian student group that meets weekly on campus.


What does this random collection of characters mean? Welcome Week with acts2fellowship! The first week on a college campus can be pretty disorienting. The campus is huge, and there are thousands of people all around you. Where do you start? Thankfully, we here at a2f will have a week of action-packed events! It will be filled with fun, free food, sports, and a chance to meet other students at UCR. All of which centers around our biggest event, New Student Welcome Night! Come join us!!